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About Parenting Partnerships and our Certified Family Life Educators

PARENTING PARTNERSHIPS provides family life education services to businesses, families, schools and all organizations that provide services to families. Our family life educators are qualified to teach parent education, family communication, interpersonal relationships, family conflict management, family organization, child development and provide support for the many challenges families face in today’s society. In addition to meeting the qualifications required for certification as a family life educator, Parenting Partnerships’ Certified Family Life Educators (CFLEs) are also required to have advanced training in alternative dispute resolution practices.

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Dallas – Fort Worth Area

Deborah Cashen, BS, CFLE, Founder, Co-Owner

Houston Area

Susan Marsh M.Ed., CFLE, Co-Owner
Leslie Margolis, BS, CFLE Associate

We have a strong personal belief that children have the right to grow up in homes:

  • where love is communicated unconditionally,
  • where children feel safe and secure,
  • where respect is clearly modeled,
  • where children are taught life skills they need to navigate adult life,
  • and most importantly, where children are allowed to develop feelings of self worth.

Our unique approach helps parents reduce everyday challenges that affect both professional and personal relationships. We teach life skills that provide hands-on tools parents need to help their children build character, develop responsibility, problem solve and become resourceful adults.

Deborah Cashen - Parenting Partnerships Deborah Cashen, B.S., CFLEFounder, Co-owner. My initiation into family life education began the day I became a parent. After my first career as a financial analyst I was confident parenting would be a heartwarming, loving experience. My first child was absolutely delightful until her sister arrived. Parenting challenges popped up as our family grew. As the mother of four adults, who are starting their own families, I can truly attest to the benefits of family life education.As a consequence of seeking parental support for my own efforts, I led and administered the creation of a parenting center in Louisiana and a family/school partnership in California. I also participated in the creation of a parenting center in North Texas while obtaining my family science degree. After our family transferred to Houston, I decided to start a company designed to provide family life education – one that could move with me, as I continued my journey through personal family stages of development. Both my personal and professional experience has led me to understand and believe that family relationships are the most valuable relationships you will ever establish. Family life education offers the tools to keep those relationships healthy.
Susan Marsh - Parenting Partnerships Susan Marsh, M.Ed., CFLECo-owner. I began my work with parents as a young, naïve teacher. My first students were children with autism and severe developmental disabilities. I knew instinctively that I would need a partnership with parents if my students were to reach their full potential. My love of children and my desire to help parents discover and use tools they already possess, defined my lifelong career in the field of education. After retirement from public education, I continued my work with parents through Parenting Partnerships. The designation of Certified Family Life Educator has allowed me to combine education, experience and personal skills to assist parents as they navigate everyday challenges and develop improved family relationships.
Leslie Margolis - Parenting Partnerships Leslie Margolis, BA, CFLE. Working with children has always been a passion of mine. After years of being in the classroom with students, I wanted to spend more time working with families and helping them in times of conflict and stress. Becoming a Certified Family Life Educator has allowed me to work with families across the lifespan as well as helping families understand their strengths and how best to relate and understand each other. Whether the family is living in one home or two, learning practical parenting tools, clear methods of communication or finding a family vision all help to raise well-adjusted children.As a parent, I understand the many aspects of raising children today. Through personal and professional experiences, I value the importance of maintaining and growing relationships.