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Shared Parenting Program

Shared Parenting is a 12-hour skill-based program offered by Parenting Partnerships. The program includes a certificate for state required Co-parenting Education (divorce class). All facilitators are Certified Family Life Educators with experience and training in Mediation, Parenting Coordination/Facilitation, and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law. Curriculum is supported by well-recognized, well-respected research and complies with state mandated co-parenting education. This program can be utilized with Co-parenting Assistance, Parenting Coordination, Parenting Facilitation and Collaborative Law services. Confidentiality is honored unless offered through Collaborative Law or Parenting Facilitation.

  • Both parents meet with their facilitator for 1.5 hours 8 times for a total of 12 hours.
  • Each parent receives a copy of “Mom’s House Dad’s House” by Isolina Ricci
  • Organized, structured agenda follows “Mom’s House Dad’s House” with flexibility to meet participant needs
  • All outside correspondence is done via email to facilitator and both parents
  • Either parent may request an individual meeting, but will pay separately (not included in original fee). The other parent will be notified and given the opportunity to meet individually.

Meetings are briefly outlined below:

Meeting 1 – Shared Parenting Overview
(discuss guidelines for communication, review current communication/co-parenting challenges)

Meeting 2 – Concerns and Interests
(discuss concerns, share interests, develop co-parenting goals)

Meeting 3 – Restructuring and Restabilizing
(recognize affects of negative intimacy, learn tools for managing the conflict)

Meeting 4 – Parenting Partnerships
(explore parenting and shared parenting styles, cooperative parenting, and separate realities)

Meeting 5 – Children Caught in the Middle
(learn what children want their parents to know, keep children out of the middle of parental conflicts, recognize red flags)

Meeting 6 – Between Two Homes
(ease transitions, discuss two-home safety challenges, stay in touch when not with your children)

Meeting 7 – Make a Shared Parenting Plan Work (discuss parenting plan and ADR options)

Meeting 8 – Be Your Own Problem Solvers
(utilize the co-parenting business plan, 6 step review for child development needs, and prepare for future problem solving)

This program is designed to meet the needs of separating or divorcing parents whether just entering the process or in high conflict with their children’s other parent. For more information please contact Parenting Partnerships.